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Quiet book - interactive toy for 3 year old


Our goal was to create a product capturing child’s attention and at the same time, a toy that would be more than just good-looking. In collaboration with pedagogical experts from Montessori, we started sewing original and designer Quiet books which include many elements important for healthy development of your children. Interactive children’s books Piqipi were created not only to capture child’s attention but also to entertain it and help it with developing its mind and fine motor skills.

Buttons, zippers and lines... who would resist? Our books provide kids with opportunity to play with various types of materials while learning at the same time. Kids can try solving jigsaw puzzles, play with letters, numbers and various geometric figures in one well-crafted book without words.

At Piqipi we believe that children are naturally creative and that their imagination has no boundaries. Just try to introduce them to our book and see that they don’t need any instructions to use it. Allow them to discover new stories, evolve their curiosity and motor skills during this process. Books are suitable for children older than 3 years, providing them with a strong foundation for kindergarten or even for school.

Quiet book - interactive toy for 3 year old

Handmade with Love

Piqipi books are the outcome of precise handwork. Each part of the book is made from tested and high-quality materials thanks to which we can guarantee toy safety.

Each of them has its own story

You don’t have to think of your own quiet book. We have thoroughly created every edition so that each page is original and interesting.

Amusing alphabet

Every book includes 3 sets of velcro alphabet. It’s entirely up to you if there is Rapunzel, Emma, Peter or prince Hans on the front page.

All editions available

Do you like our fabric toys? Pick any edition and we will send it to you in less than 48 hours.

For boys. For girls. For everyone.

interactive toy for 3 year old edition monkey

Edition Monkey

Little monkey edition is inspired by kids’ natural curiosity. Our little monkey loves colours, shine, buttons and pizza. Let’s explore all secrets of a tropical island, visit a circus with its dwellers or try to catch colourful fish in the sea.

interactive book for 3 year old edition puppy

Edition Puppy

Children love puppies! And your entire family will love this puppy. Name it, buckle a collar, give it a snack and learn many new things in return. Don’t expect a common puppy. Let’s meet the smartest one in the interactive world of Piqipi.

interactive book for 3 year old edition bunny

Edition Bunny

Get ready for a colourful trip to a farm! In our Bunny edition, find many games and tasks thanks to which your kids can train not only their little fingers but also their mind. Geometric shapes, games with numbers, ties and buttons. That’s an endless world of fun brought to you in a Piqipi quiet book.

interactive toy for 3 year old edition girl

Edition Girl

Every young lady will immediately fall in love with this cute book. It’s full of accessories, decorations, laces, ribbons and other necessities girls enjoy. We didn’t forget to sew a few playful pages with a little kitchen, wash house or a wardrobe full of clothes.

interactive toy for 3 year old edition boy

Edition Boy

Do you have a curious egghead at home? Does he always want to explore new things? This edition is designed for him! Thanks to this book, every little boy can become a car mechanic for a while, manage the traffic situation or try to catch the golden fish.

Toy of the year 2017, Red Dot Award Nominee, BUREAU VERITAS

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